How do I book a session?
Reach out to me using my contact form. I also respond to DM's on instagram! All bookings will be made through either of those two options stated above. A non-refundable payment of 50% of the total value of the session will be required at the time of booking. 
Is there a payment required upon booking?
Yes. When you book a session, I set that time aside for you; therefore, a non-refundable initial payment totaling 50% of the total value of the session is required at the time of booking. This initial payment reserves my time and is not a retainer fee or deposit. Once initial payment is made, the chosen date and time is reserved for only your session. 
How do I make the initial payment for booking?
You will be able to make your 50% initial payment online. Payment will be made through Square payments; through an invoice I will send you.
When do I pay the remaining balance of session?
The rest of the payment for the session must be made the day of the session! *Cash payment is preferred in exact change*
Cancellation / Rescheduling 
If you need to cancel a session, your initial 50% non-refundable payment you made at the time of booking, will not be refunded. Although, if you reschedule, your non-refundable 50% payment will go towards the cost of the rescheduled session. You will only have one chance to reschedule in a 2 week time frame (I am open to extending it for more; depending on your situation! I know life happens). Communication is important, so please keep me updated on your scheduling concerns as soon as you are aware of them!
How long does it take you to edit photos?
I do not have a set time frame on how long it takes me to edit photos. Every session is different. Depending on the type of session and quantity of images, it can take up to 2 weeks. No more than 2 weeks though (usually). Although if there are any changes on the time frame, I'll be sure to inform you! *If there is a time crunch, please be sure to let me know!*
How will the photos be delivered? 
You will receive your photo files through WeTransfer, which is an emailing service. You will receive an email through them with all your images attached. In the email there will be a download link, click it and you'll be able to see all your files! Scroll down to the bottom of that page and select 'Download all as zip'. A reminder: The emailed link does expire after 7 days, so please be sure to back up/download your images to a laptop, computer, phone, cloud, etc! 
I forgot to save/backup my photos and now the link expired! Help!
If this were to happen to you, don't worry, I back up your images in case something like this were to happen! I only back them up for  after they're delivered to you. BUT PLEASE DON'T LET THAT BE AN EXCUSE TO NOT DOWNLOAD THEM RIGHT AWAY. I know life happens and we can be forgetful. Just send me an email with your name and the kind of session you had (ex:family, kids, couple, anniversary, etc). I'll get them to you as soon as I can, but please, save save save your images and back them up as soon as they're sent!!!
Can you provide the RAW, unedited files?
Unfortunately I cannot. I spend hours carefully editing each of my photographs and unedited files simply do not represent my brand. I put my own personal style into the editing of every image and I stand behind the creative decisions I choose to make!
Do you provide printed images?
I do not provide prints at the moment, but you are free to print them in any size that you would like. Some printing websites I recommend for great quality prints are: WHCC, Bay Photo Lab, Miller's, Mpix, and Shutterfly
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